Jessica is a special education teacher, serving our most vulnerable students within under-resourced communities. The students with whom Jessica has been entrusted need many varied forms of instruction to prepare them for the future. Her career in education has taught her to search for best and creative practices in what works and what doesn’t work within our education system. She is well prepared with a unique perspective and ability to problem solve creatively.

We can trust Jessica Florio to fully fund our schools and to bring her new ideas to Harrisburg as she works to provide system improvements. She has and will continue to fight for every student and parent of the 44th District.

Public Safety

The safety and well-being of our community is an extremely high priority for voters in the 44th District. This significant concern has risen from the severe uptick in violence which we have witnessed in Philadelphia, and which is pressing into our District communities.

Jessica will be an advocate for policies that keep our communities safe. She wholeheartedly supports the work of our law enforcement community. As President of Borough Council, Jessica works with her Council and Mayor to ensure that their police department and its officers have the training and resources they need to do their jobs and to keep the community safe from violence and crime. Additionally, she supports an expanded safety-net so that those suffering from a mental or substance abuse disorder can get the help they need.


Our economy continues to be rebuilt following the COVID-19 pandemic and as that progress advances, we need elected officials who understand the struggles that so many families are currently going through. As a single mother, Jessica knows what it takes to raise her daughter while working full-time and struggling to pay the bills. She has a special appreciation for the difficulties that had faced our low-income families and seniors through the pandemic and now, during the current historic inflation which has slammed these same persons.

Jessica supports a strong safety-net that ensures assistance for home energy, childcare for families and which helps seniors stay in their homes by offsetting the rising cost of rent ad property taxes.

EMS/First Responders

As President of Honey Brook Borough Council, Jessica has worked closely with the EMS and First Responder personnel that serves her town to ensure that they have the necessary and readily available resources needed to protect the families and residents of her community. In Harrisburg, we can count on Jessica to always have the backs of the men and women who keep us safe, and we can count on her to provide them with the resources needed to do their jobs.

Recent hospital closures have magnified the need for additional EMS in the surrounding communities. While our current State Senator remained silent, Jessica Florio organized surrounding municipalities to provide resources to add an additional EMS crew and to reduce vital response time.